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Erotic Massage for Couples Demonstrated Guide

Erotic Massage for Couples Demonstrated Guide cover

Erotic Massage for Couples Demonstrated Guide

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There are no special tricks to massage -no hours of practicing weird techniques -no tedious new vocabulary to learn. With a warm quiet place and a bottle of scented oil you can spread pleasure over every inch of your partner's body. You don't need a lot of money or a room full of special equipment to do this. Erotic Massage instructs readers on how to bring their partners to high levels of arousal, keeping them in this state of sexual exaltation for an extended period. It provides erotic massage techniques for both men and women in step-by-step, giving suggestions for appropriate settings This book will fuel and make you experience intense sensual pleasure; it shows how to explore your partner's body effectively Treat your partner to a relaxing massage that will ease away the day's stress, or fully indulge in a longer, more stimulating massage, the senses become heightened as your bodies make full contact. You will learn a lot of stuff including; what an erotic sensual massage is How to prepare yourselves for a Massage and basic massage techniques Arms, Head, Neck Back Body and Front body massage with your partner Genital Massage Techniques not leading to sex, sensual exploration, wet massage, orgasmic massage. An erotic massage can communicate, restore, and arouse: it's a celebration of sensuality, a lover's delight to give and receive. Having the ability to offer your partner this sensual pleasure brings special feelings of satisfaction and confidence This is more than a book; it's an unforgettable sensual experience with Massage strokes beautifully illustrated and remarkably easy-to-learn. Ten minutes after you open this book you will be doing an unforgettable erotic massage.

N.D Wilson gives advice which is relevant, easily implemented in any relationship and could be used throughout the year. she applies her knowledge to investigate eye-opening, life-changing truths about our sexuality. N.D Wilson believes EBooks are a vital cog in our modern digital culture. Our culture, our society or world was born out of storytelling. The nature of communication is changing. We have left the age of oil and are entrenched now on discovering ourselves in the age of information; an age where age does not command respect, where one is respected on effort and not age, for all things age without effort. Is nothing Our history is born on taking stories and information. This is the nature of our culture as humans. Throughout life sexuality changes, so she is passionate about helping people overcome sexual issues, usually stemming from a lack of education, which may hold them back from exquisite sex as their birthright. She believes that sex isn't just something you do, but something that is part of being human and being alive. So enjoy the stories and some great advice she gives

ISBN: 9781530873609

ISBN-10: 9781530873609

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: 04/05/2016 - 12:00am

On Sale: 04/05/2016 - 12:00am

Pages: 258

Language: English


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