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Night-Night: Settle Down Activities for Easy Bedtimes

Night-Night: Settle Down Activities for Easy Bedtimes cover

Night-Night: Settle Down Activities for Easy Bedtimes

By  Cynthia MacGregor , Foreword by  June Rifkin
$ 12.95

In NightNight, author Cynthia MacGregor tackles one of the biggest challenges of parenthoodtucking a child into bed. Every parent has experienced the countless excuses and delays of a child resisting bedtime, from needing another drink of water to fearing monsters lurking in the dark. In NightNight, MacGregor presents a fun assortment of creative solutions to transform bedtime from a battle into a special bonding experience for parents and their children.

Beautifully illustrated and filled with suggestions for storytime activities, quiet games, and playful songs and rhymes, NightNight will turn bedtime into a special part of the day. There are activities to help develop language and number skills and activities that will inspire cognitive and creative thinking, as well as suggestions on how to help children relax. Instead of reading a book, MacGregor suggests telling personal stories tailored to the child's individuality, such as tales about when the child was little or adventures the parent had as a child. She also proposes activities to make bedtime more exciting, such as playing hokeypokey to get under the covers and making up rhymes to accompany the actions of snuggling into bed.

Cynthia MacGregor is the author of several books for parents and children, including Raising a Creative Child and 365 AfterSchool Activities. She resides in Lantana, Florida. Email Cynthia at:

ISBN: 9781573247542

ISBN-10: 9781573247542

Publisher: Conari Press

Publication Date: 01/31/2002 - 12:00am

On Sale: 01/31/2002 - 12:00am

Pages: 168

Language: English


Family & Relationships / Parenting

Family & Relationships / Activities