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Contemporary Analytic and Linguistic Philosophies

Contemporary Analytic and Linguistic Philosophies cover

Contemporary Analytic and Linguistic Philosophies

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This new, second edition of the popular college textbook offers the beginning philosophy student a comprehensive introduction to several aspects of one of the most influential schools of thought in the twentieth century. Professor Klemke begins by pointing out the distinctions among the various types of analytic and linguistic philosophies, while emphasizing that they all arose as a response to the formerly predominant school of absolute idealism. After a prologue section containing a representative exposition of idealism by Josiah Royce, the following sections show the radically new philosophical approach of the analytic school in its various guises: realism and common sense (G. E. Moore); logical atomism (Bertrand Russell); logical positivism (A. J. Ayer); conceptual analysis (Gilbert Ryle, G. E. Moore, John Wisdom); logico-metaphysical analysis (Gustav Bergman, W. V. Quine); linguistic analysis (J. L. Austin, P. F. Strawson, J. R. Searle); and the recent development of new realism (Saul Kripke, Hilary Putnam, Tyler Burge, Richard N. Boyd).

The late E. D. Klemke was professor of philosophy at Iowa State University. He was also the coeditor of Introductory Readings in the Philosophy of Science and the author of A Defense of Realism: Reflections on the Metaphysics of G. E. Moore.

ISBN: 9781573928076

ISBN-10: 9781573928076

Publisher: Prometheus Books

Publication Date: 07/01/2000 - 12:00am

On Sale: 07/01/2000 - 12:00am

Pages: 495

Language: English


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