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My Name Is Paris, Mystery of the Deadly Diamond

My Name Is Paris, Mystery of the Deadly Diamond cover

My Name Is Paris, Mystery of the Deadly Diamond

By  Elizabeth Howard , Illustrated By  Michael Wm Kaluta
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Paris Mackenzie is a sixteen-year-old from Chicago with an irrepressible personality and a passion for Sherlock Holmes. When she visits her namesake city at the turn of the century, Paris finds all the glamour and romance she ever dreamed of. But the city's glittering fa ade hides a dark underside, whose danger is like a magnet to the intrepid Paris, pulling her closer and closer to treachery, deceit. . . and even murder.


When Paris and her new friend Violette use Violette's experimental diving bell to explore the floor of the Seine, the trunk they discover proves an empty disappointment. Or is it? It soon becomes the first clue in a trail that leads from the recent theft of a priceless diamond to the villainous Madame M duse. Even more disturbing is the connection that begins to emerge between M duse, Violette, and Paris's own father. What links them together and what are the consequences for Paris if she insists on discovering the truth? This stunning fourth book in the My Name Is Paris series is a spellbinding mix of drama and intrigue.

ISBN: 9781596875562

ISBN-10: 9781596875562

Publisher: iBooks

Publication Date: 09/12/2018 - 12:00am

On Sale: 09/12/2018 - 12:00am

Pages: 102

Language: English


Mysteries & Detective Stories

Historical - Europe

Girls & Women