Flight and Flying Volume 1

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Flight and Flying Volume 1

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"Alex Burton has an engaging style of writing that is educational, yet you forget that you're learning as it is so enjoyable to read. His personal experiences and passion for aviation are seamlessly interwoven with academic knowledge throughout the essays. Alex has gifted the industry with his 'Flight and Flying' collections, which are an excellent read for professionals and students alike." Dr. Suzanne Kearns Assistant Professor, Commercial Aviation Management DAN Management and Organizational Studies Western University "Alex Burton is the kind of instructor who we all want to teach us how to fly. His monthly column 'From the Training Seat' published in the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association's newspaper, COPA Flight, reveals how passionate and knowledgeable he is as a flight instructor and pilot examiner. This collection of articles written by Alex should help keep you ahead of your aircraft." Michel Hell Publisher/Editor Canadian Owners and Pilots Association "Alex is a truly professional Flight Instructor and performed admirably as the Chief Flight Instructor of a University flight School. Well organized, he displayed strong leadership qualities in leading his staff and obtaining solid performance in his students Flight Test results. On a personal level, Alex is a friendly individual who is intensely interested in flight instruction and who inspires others, instructors and students alike, to excel. Alex is also an exact, very competent pilot who sets high standards for his students to emulate." Lt. Col. Doug Gillanders RCAF ret. (CF-104 Pilot) "I have known and worked with Alex for over 15 years in my previous role as an Inspector with Transport Canada and later while conducting Flight Instructor Refresher Courses. As a professional aviation educator, Alex has an unending enthusiasm to share his knowledge and experience with the aviation training industry, in person with his students and in trade publications. His quiet demeanour brings a calming authority whether teaching the hands-on skills of flying a tail-dragger or teaching the intricacies of advanced levels of the pedagogy of peripatetic teaching. I highly recommend Alex, ...he cares." Bob Leroux ATPL Chief Instructor, Pilot Examiner NavPath Aviation Ltd "I learned about flying by listening to my mentors and peers. Sharing both the joys and hazards of flight was what we called "hangar flying." It was the culture of our flight training. I'll never forget the many lessons I learned and still remember to this day that were described from actual personal experiences: the better the story - the easier to remember the lesson. And, the better the instructor - the better was the story. Alex Burton is a great instructor. Enjoy as he shares his personal knowledge of aviation in a manner extremely interesting to both professionals and students alike." Robert B. Barnes Former USAF Flight and Academic Instructor (T-38) President, International Association of Flight Training Professionals (IAFTP) The Flight and Flying collection is an excellent resource for students and seasoned aviators. Author Alex Burton's work is an excellent contribution to the field. The strong academic foundation of the essays is further enhanced by the many real-world examples. This combination of practical application, theory and solid research are presented in clear, accessible prose that will appeal to a wide range of readers. Dr. Kori Street, Chair, Aviation Department Bissett School of Aviation Mount Royal University Calgary, Alberta.

ISBN: 9781604520965

ISBN-10: 9781604520965

Publisher: Bluewaterpress LLC

Publication Date: 07/22/2014 - 12:00am

On Sale: 07/22/2014 - 12:00am

Pages: 224

Language: English


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