For the Love of My Pet

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For the Love of My Pet

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Mo lives on the planet of Floopar, which doesn't have any pets or animals. Therefore Mo travels to the planet Earth to adopt pets and bring them back to his planet. He discovers through the process he doesn't know much about pets and needs to learn how to take care of them. He also sees that many pets are homeless. Mo decides to make it his mission to find homes for pets and learn everything he can so he can return to his planet with the knowledge of how to take care of the animals.

Thelma, the Guide Dog, serves her master, Roy Ramsey, with all the passion a guide dog can muster. Roy, who is partially blind, also allows Thelma to raise funds for the deaf, the blind, and other guide and service animals. That's why she wrote this book. You can read her blog at and send her your comments. Thelma thanks you for making more dreams possible for the blind and deaf.

ISBN: 9781614483380

ISBN-10: 9781614483380

Publisher: Morgan James Kids

Publication Date: 10/01/2012 - 12:00am

On Sale: 10/01/2012 - 12:00am

Pages: 26

Language: English


Animals - Pets


Social Themes - Friendship