The Adventurous Boy's Handbook: For Ages 9 to 99

The Adventurous Boy's Handbook: For Ages 9 to 99 cover

The Adventurous Boy's Handbook: For Ages 9 to 99

$ 12.95

Father and son duo Stephen and Finn Brennan know what is truly fun for boys of all ages, and The Adventurous Boy’s Handbook is filled with ideas, explanations, and instructions for games, sports, and activities any boy would love. From star-gazing, baseball, and camping to using Morse code, learning basic survival skills, and paddling a canoe, this handbook is invaluable for any boy! Step-by-step instructions are provided for all types of activities, including:

     • Pitching a tent
     • Building an ice-yacht
     • Shooting a bow and arrow
     • Fending off a hungry shark
     • Identifying constellations while on a camping trip
     • Learning sign language
     • Saving someone from drowning
     • And more!

The Adventurous Boy’s Handbook offers countless hours of entertainment for boys interested in orienteering, cowboying, sailing, and many more fun outdoor activities.

Stephen Brennan is the author of The Adventurous Boy’s Handbook and The Adventurous Girl’s Handbook. He has also edited and arranged An Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt and An Autobiography of General Custer, among others. He has worked as a circus clown, book editor, teacher, cabaret artist, actor, director, shepherd, and playwright. He resides in New York City and West Cornwall, Connecticut.