Mountain Lake Minnesota Trilogy

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Mountain Lake Minnesota Trilogy

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Book 1: A Seeking Heart
A rich, heartwarming story about discovering God's love, acceptance, and healing for even the most damaged hearts
It's 1917, and Samantha O'Brien, seventeen years old, runs away from Wisconsin to Minnesota to escape a drunkard father and broken home. She is accepted with open arms into the Klaassen family, German-Mennonites who show both love and patience to this lonely and defensive girl. Samantha's fractured childhood and its devastating losses make it very difficult for her to accept the Klaassens' genuine care and concern, because she's sure nobody can love the likes of her. But with prayer, time and love, the family, including the young and handsome Adam Klaassen, begins to break through Samantha's walls.

Book 2: A Heart Surrenders
His sister has found the love of her life, but is it all too far out of reach for him?

All David has ever wanted was love and security. He believes he can attain his desire by winning the heart of Josie Klassen. But Josie's love for someone else casts a shadow on David's dream, making him question if love is possible for someone like him. Can David set aside his own ideas and fears and open his heart to the one God has planned for him?

Book 3: When a Heart Cries
Their beloved little home was full of love . . . but it still felt empty.

Samantha and Adam Klaassen started married life in the cozy little home built into the hill at the back of the Klaassen family farm. When they began looking forward to their own family, they knew they would need a real house with more room.

But now the silent bedrooms in the farmhouse built with such love and hopefulness by her husband haunt Samantha's days and nights. Why does God not see her yearnings for a child and answer the nearly constant prayers? And watching her sisters-in-law joyfully welcoming new little ones into their homes while her own arms lay empty nearly crushes her. Is God listening to her heart crying so fervently and so long?

About the Author

Bestselling, award-winning writer Kim Vogel Sawyer is the author of more than twenty novels, including Courting Miss Amsel (Bethany House, 2011).

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