Radical America Komiks

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Radical America Komiks

Editor  Gilbert Shelton , Introduction by  Paul Buhle , Foreword by  Jay Kinney
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Radical America, a journal affiliated with Students for a Democratic Society published a memorable "underground comix" edition in 1969. Its principal artist and editor, Gilbert Shelton, whose Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers would be enjoyed in many editions across the world, brought to the project his Texas pals Frank Stack and Jack Jaxon. Also on hand, among others, were Chicago comics innovators Jay Lynch and Skip Williamson. Together, these and other contributors issued a veritable artistic manifesto: a new vernacular art had arrived! A half century after its original appearance, Radical America Komiks retains its rebellious spirit and its rollicking humor.

In the 1960s, Gilbert Shelton contributed to various underground comix and designed concert posters before creating the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. He then set up Rip Off Press, from which Freak Brothers strips were soon syndicated, borrowed, or stolen by a host of publications. Paul Buhle was the editor of Radical America in the late 1960s. He has edited comics biographies of figures including Emma Goldman, Che Guevara, Rosa Luxemburg, and Isadora Duncan. Jay Kinney was an active participant in the underground comics movement from 1968 through the 1980s. He cofounded the romance comic satire Young Lust and founded Anarchy Comics.

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