The Newborn Twins Sleep Guide: The Nap and Nighttime Sanity Saver for Your Duo's First Five Months

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The Newborn Twins Sleep Guide: The Nap and Nighttime Sanity Saver for Your Duo's First Five Months cover

The Newborn Twins Sleep Guide: The Nap and Nighttime Sanity Saver for Your Duo's First Five Months

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Parenting twins: Double the joy, double the fun, and double the sleep deprivation!

Let the dynamic duo of Natalie Diaz from Twiniversity and Sleep Lady Kim West come to the rescue, equipping you and your adorable twinnies with the ultimate gentle sleep solutions, right from the moment they enter this world through the first five months.

Raising twins doesn’t have to fill you with sleep dread. There are many small ways to help them sleep just a little bit better right now—long before your duo is ready for sleep training—and together, these can add up to significantly better sleep for everyone! 

As founder of Twiniversity, Natalie Diaz has welcomed millions of parents into the rewarding world of parenting twins. Now, she and longtime friend Kim West, known around the world as The Sleep Lady®, turn their attention to helping parents of twins navigate their babies’ early months.

In month-by-month chapters that are easy to navigate (even in the middle of the night!), this sleep road map will teach you:

  • How sleep shaping can begin during your twin pregnancy through nursery setup and more
  • How feeding, attachment, soothing, and temperament all factor into your babies’ sleep—with strategies to navigate the unique demands of caring for two
  • Alternatives to the “cry it out” method once your babies are developmentally ready to self-soothe
  • Key developmental milestones from birth through five months and how to encourage sleep at every stage
  • How preterm birth, and therefore sleep, impact your twins’ early life and how to best support your duo during that time
  • Why it’s so important to take care of yourself during this sleep coaching stage

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by conflicting advice on sleep training, nap coaching, sleep schedules, and more. The Newborn Twins Sleep Guide provides clear guidance and a gentle approach to help you feel better about the entire sleep process, from A to ZZZs.

Natalie Diaz is a worldwide premier twin parenting authority. With over a decade of experience after creating Twiniversity, Natalie has single-handedly changed the way expecting and new parents of twins operate. A twin parent herself, Natalie has made twin parenting information mainstream with her bestselling book What To Do When You're Having Two, her award-winning website, the most inclusive twin parenting app on the market, her extraordinary podcasts, and creative and educational classes about all things twins. Today, she's reaching over 2 million families a week with Twiniversity's nurturing and supportive environment created just for twin families.

Natalie is also a twin-specific lactation consultant, a child passenger safety technician, and a trained Lamaze educator. She's received numerous accolades within the baby and parenting industry and has been featured in major worldwide publications and on national television helping the world have a better experience with their own twin parenting adventure.

Kim West, MSW, is a mom of two who has been a practicing child and family social worker for over 25 years. She has personally helped over twenty thousand families all over the world gently teach their children how to fall asleep—and fall back asleep without leaving them to cry it out alone. She started training Gentle Sleep Coaches internationally in 2010 and has appeared as a child sleep expert on numerous magazines, newspapers, and television programs including Dr. Phil, TODAY, and Good Morning America.

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Publisher: BenBella Books

Publication Date: 03/05/2024 - 12:00am

On Sale: 03/05/2024 - 12:00am

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