The Art of Cycling: Philosophy, Meaning, and a Life on Two Wheels

The Art of Cycling: Philosophy, Meaning, and a Life on Two Wheels cover

The Art of Cycling: Philosophy, Meaning, and a Life on Two Wheels

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A meditative love letter to the sport of cycling which explores how the cultivation of a tangible skill can shed new light on age-old questions of selfhood, meaning, and purpose.

Interweaving a deeply personal narrative of elite-level cycling and mental health struggles with an evocative history of Western philosophy from Plato to the Existentialists, The Art of Cycling explores the limits of rationality and how the visceral, embodied nature of sport ultimately has the potential to redeem us from the painful, locked-in isolation of our own heads.

In the tradition of philosophical road trip titles like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and On the Road, The Art of Cycling turns a critical eye towards our increasingly disconnected digital lives —showing how re-engaging with the material world can breathe new vitality into everyday existence and serve as a countervailing force against the sense of detachment which has come to characterize modern life for so many.

James Hamilton Hibbard's writing has appeared in journals including Ploughshares, Aporia, Otherwise, Noetic, and Aethlon. He studied philosophy at the University of California at Santa Cruz and Depaul University, and has received grants and been selected for residencies by PEN America and Tin House. A former UCI professional road cyclist and member of the U.S Cycling Team, James has written extensively on the sport of cycling. He lives in the foothills of California's Santa Clara Valley with his wife and young son.

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ISBN: 9781639364237

ISBN-10: 9781639364237

Publisher: Pegasus Books

Publication Date: 05/02/2023 - 12:00am

On Sale: 05/02/2023 - 12:00am

Pages: 320

Language: English


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