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I'll Have the Chicken

I'll Have the Chicken cover

I'll Have the Chicken is a collection of engaging stories from former Navy and commercial pilot Captain Robert Kavula. The book gives readers an intimate look from the other side of the cockpit door and some of the decisions made before and during flight. Kavula tells about his journey to becoming a pilot, near-collisions in the air and on the runway, and the people and flights that remain vivid memories more than forty years later.

The collection includes Kavula's account of losing engines and generators and somehow finding his way to a safe landing, and hilarious conversations among pilots mid-flight. Read about Kavula's flight with astronaut Neil Armstrong and the question he asked him about flying, and dozens of more stories that put the reader inside the cockpit to experience the life of a pilot.

Captain Robert Kavula's life as a pilot gave him countless stories that have resulted in this book. Part of his motivation for this work is the many times he tells a story and people respond, "You should write a book." His wife Dale was his editor during the writing of the book, having previously been the editor of the Moffet Field Base paper while Kavula was stationed there from 1963 to 1964. They now live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ISBN: 9781639455812

ISBN-10: 9781639455812

Publisher: Writers Branding LLC

Publication Date: 12/22/2022 - 12:00am

On Sale: 12/22/2022 - 12:00am

Pages: 200

Language: English


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