Social Skills Activities for Today's Kids, Ages 8 - 9 Workbook

Social Skills Activities for Today's Kids, Ages 8 - 9 Workbook cover

Social Skills Activities for Today's Kids, Ages 8 - 9 Workbook

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Social Skills Activities for Today's Kids Helps Children Have Positive Social Experiences

This colorful workbook helps children ages 8-9 practice and prepare for social situations in their everyday lives, such as making friends, being at school, going places, and being online.

The activities in this book are designed to help children think about social skills and how they can be used in everyday life at school, at a restaurant, or online, for example. Learning social skills will be an important part of children having friendships and other meaningful relationships, as well as positive interactions with their peers and safe and responsible experiences online.

Each workbook includes:

  • 75 fun and meaningful activities and hands-on projects
  • Talk with Your Family discussion starters
  • A social skills handbook to remove from the workbook so children can practice their social skills and remember all they have learned

Engaging full-color activities help children learn about topics such as:

Making Friends

  • Why is it important to have friends?
  • How do I feel when I meet new people?
  • Recipe for friendship
  • Having friends over to your house
  • Rules at your hosue
  • Playing at a friend's house

Being at School

  • Classroom rules
  • Talking to classmates
  • Personal space and belongings
  • Lunchtime behavior
  • Connecting with other kids
  • Bullying on the playground
  • It's okay to say "no"
  • Different places, different rules

Going Places

  • Rules at the store
  • Going to the library
  • Talking about people
  • Restaurant do's and don'ts
  • Out with pets
  • Looking at people
  • Going to a store

Being Online

  • Online safety
  • Sharing pictures
  • Website safety
  • Digital messages
  • Internet choices

...and more

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