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The Non-Obvious Guide to Mindfulness at Work (Without Standing on Your Head) (Non-Obvious Guides)

The Non-Obvious Guide to Mindfulness at Work (Without Standing on Your Head) (Non-Obvious Guides) cover

The Non-Obvious Guide to Mindfulness at Work (Without Standing on Your Head) (Non-Obvious Guides)

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People with technical backgrounds and talent have provided some of the greatest innovations to mankind.

They also have their own idiosyncrasies, biases and blindspots that can make leading them particularly challenging at times. The Non-Obvious Guide to Leading Technical People (whether you are a Nerd or Not ) provides practical ways to effectively lead engineers, IT pros, scientists and other analytical talent and take your career and contributions to whole new levels.

You don't necessarily need an MBA to learn to be an effective technical manager and drive innovation, high-performance projects and stress-free execution. Learn how to be an inspiring, influential and successful leader of technical people -- quirks and all

In this refreshing book, leadership and innovation experts, Paresh and Eliza share insights and skills on technical leadership from over 30 years of direct experience as techies themselves and as advisors to leading-edge organizations.

As part of the Non-Obvious Guide series published by IdeaPress, learn the 7 great strengths that can be leveraged to motivate, drive performance and innovate with technical teams. Become attuned to the 7 major blindspots that most technical staff and their leaders suffer from that lead to poor project execution, lack of innovation and team conflict. Then learn, practice and master the 7 Leadership Essentials to equip you and your tech teams with cutting-edge methods to drive performance such as:

1. Balancing the technical, the business and human dimensions
2. Customer-Centric Listening to Understand
3. Sparking Non-Obvious Innovation On-Demand
4. Fostering Productive Dialog in Team Conflicts
5. Storytelling for Inspiration and Persuasion
6. Moving from Micro to Macro Management
7. Activating Lifter Leadership for motivate today's workers

ISBN: 9781646870158

ISBN-10: 9781646870158

Publisher: Ideapress Publishing

Publication Date: 10/07/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 06/16/2020 - 12:00am

Pages: 230

Language: English