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IOU Life Leadership: You Owe It to Yourself and Others

IOU Life Leadership: You Owe It to Yourself and Others cover

IOU Life Leadership: You Owe It to Yourself and Others

By  Joe Famularo , Foreword by  Stephen M. R. Covey
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Are you Navigating the Life you Aspire to Live?

Who is sailing your ship? Is it you or someone else?

Is your Life Ship on course, drifting or sinking? If you're off course or struggling to stay afloat, how will you meet your Life Vision and Life Goals? How will you lead your family, team or organization?

There's a way to get back on course

IOU Life Leadership is a foundational framework,

based on timeless universal principles, for positive and effective intentional living.

This book will help you to develop greater self awareness and reach peak performance.

IOU Living provides you with a Life Map that gets you back on course.

We will dive deep into the principles that make up IOU Life Leadership

  • Inward Living - the principle of thinking and self-reflection
  • Outward Living - the principle of interacting with others and the world
  • Upward Living - the principle of receiving the Life Gifts of Peacefulness,

Happiness, Healthiness, and Excellence, which I call your "PH2E."

Through stories from a Great American Sailor, you will discover 12 Essential Life Anchors that will energize your Upward Life Living, propel your PH2E and create a Dynamic Positive Culture for yourself,

your family, your team, or your organization.


You Owe it to Yourself and Others

You are the captain of your Life Ship so let's begin navigating your life journey today

ISBN: 9781647465278

ISBN-10: 9781647465278

Publisher: Author Academy Elite

Publication Date: 03/18/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 03/18/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 566

Language: English



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