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A Harlot's Hope

A Harlot's Hope cover

A Harlot's Hope

By  Brenda Richardson-McGhee , Cover Design by  Theresa Wysocki Burbridge , Editor  Judith Hale
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Falling in love with your high school sweetheart can be a storybook romance unless it is during the Vietnam War. Nothing is certain for Gavin and Bekah. A Jewish girl and a Catholic boy who learn traditions of the past can enlighten the future if Christ is the center. A relationship is only built when your commitment to God is first, then each other. As characters in the novel find love, will it survive through storm after storm? Will their faith stand when alone or does the loss take the focus off their walk with Jesus? Then it happens. The worst possible nightmare a father can have. Saoirse is betrayed. Fifteen and pregnant, what can she do but run away. But when her aunt doesn't live in the same place, where will Saoirse go? Who does she turn to for help? She prayed for the future of her child. Oh, but her prayers were answered. Jimmy was so sweet, but sin gives us pleasure for a season. Read the romance journeys of the O'Shay's and Hummel's which The Harlot's Heart was based. How did the trials of war, separation, miscarriage, and death bring strength to each other and spiritual maturity? Will hope of reconciliation with God and family be awarded to the harlot before it is too late? Brenda Richardson-Mcghee has enjoyed creative writing since a teen with poetry and short stories. Her 37 years in education has increased her love in writing. Her favorite subject to teach is English, especially literature. Brenda is very active in her church, Riverwalk Church of God, where she grew up with redback hymnals and youth camps. Brenda resides in her hometown, a mom to six boys and a Grammy to girls. To relax, Brenda is well-rounded in music genres from her teen/college years including The Imperials and Carmen to Journey, Bob Seger and has no problem giving you an "Attitude Adjustment" from Hank "Bocephus" Williams, Jr. if you "Don't Stop Believing" in yourself.

ISBN: 9781662817441

ISBN-10: 9781662817441

Publisher: Xulon Press

Publication Date: 06/23/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 06/23/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 302

Language: English


Christian - Historical

Christian - Romance - Historical

Romance - Historical - 20th Century