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Shipping Container Farming: New Age Farming

Shipping Container Farming: New Age Farming cover

Shipping Container Farming: New Age Farming

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This book is the first book to be written about hydroponic farming inside a shipping container. It is a true story about the first African American to own and operate a hydroponic farming shipping container. Readers get a glimpse in the life of DeMario Vitalis and get to understand the test, trials, and tribulations that he had to overcome to become a Black farmer. As you read this book you will come away with a general understanding of hydroponics and how it is used inside of a shipping container. You will understand the business of farming and the importance of having a marketing plan that you have confidence to communicate. You will get an example of the process to get funding through the USDA and the hurdles that you must overcome from the FSA in order to get your operation funded. Whether you're interested in hydroponics, farming, becoming a small business owner, or just like a good story, well then friend, this is the book for you.

DeMario Vitalis is a bestselling author of Shipping Container Farming, the first book to be written about hydroponic farming inside of a shipping container. He is the first person in the state of Indiana to farm inside of a shipping container and the first black African American to own a Freight Farms Greenery. When he is not farming, Mario, is working full-time as a project manager, working as a licensed Real Estate broker, or managing his multiple Airbnb properties around the city. When Mario is not working, he is spending time in his hometown of Indianapolis Indiana with is wife Melanie and two daughters Mary and Marielle. DeMario Vitalis has told his story on many podcasts and FFA presentations, made front page of the Indiana Business Journal and been featured in the Indianapolis Star news articles. The author gives you a glimpse into his life and the details behind the story of how he overcame the obstacles and struggles to own his first business system and become a successful entrepreneur.

ISBN: 9781667805818

ISBN-10: 9781667805818

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: 12/22/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 12/22/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 74

Language: English


Business & Economics / Industries / Agribusiness