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Willow of Ashes: YA Dark Fantasy Adventure

Willow of Ashes: YA Dark Fantasy Adventure cover

Willow of Ashes: YA Dark Fantasy Adventure

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"If Tim Burton had written Lord of the Rings"

Willow of Ashes is the first book in the award-winning NecroSeam Chronicles, a COMPLETED epic fantasy series of magic, horror, adventure, and hope.

Award-winning Epic Fantasy Series
  • First Place Writer's Digest
  • Readers' Favorite international book award
  • Book Excellence Award Honoree

The knights of Grim will pay any price to save a soul. But are their own souls worth that cost?

Born with split magic to raise the dead, honor-bound twin necromancers Xavier and Alexander are cursed by an ancient prophecy they can't escape. To break their curse, they must venture to the five kingdoms and seek guidance from the world's royals, which may reveal that there is more to the brothers' halved magic than a mere arcane defect.

But with war breaking across the kingdoms, demons infesting the realms, and Death following them at every step, will the cure to the twins' curse be worth the gruesome cost?

Ellie Raine has crafted an immersive world with magic like you've never seen before, and a hero and heroine for the ages - characters so sharply realized and so richly nuanced that this instant-classic will live on in hearts and minds for generations to come.

Special Features

  • Action & Adventure
  • Elemental Soul-Bound magic
  • Epic battles
  • Gothic mystery
  • Extensive world-building
  • Immersive narration
  • Splash of Romance (Princess Bride level)
  • World Map included
  • Witty and morbid humor

ISBN: 9781732041530

ISBN-10: 9781732041530

Publisher: Scynthefy Press, LLC

Publication Date: 03/28/2018 - 12:00am

On Sale: 03/28/2018 - 12:00am

Pages: 434

Language: English


Fantasy - Dark Fantasy

Fantasy - Epic