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A Change in Tune

A Change in Tune cover

A Change in Tune

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A Change in Tune immerses you in a world of auditions, rehearsals, and a relatable story about coming into one's own as a musician and embracing your own dreams vs those imposed on you from the outside. I would have loved this book as a teen studying the violin and viola, and found it engrossing and enjoyable as a music educator too. Ashley Rescot brings to life great characters grappling with real-life issues and weaves in stories of family, faith, and interpersonal relationships that many will be able to relate to.

- Christine E Goodner

Violinist, Music Educator, Author of Beyond the Music Lesson: Habits of Successful Suzuki Families and Positive Practice: 5 Steps to Helping Your Child Develop a Love of Music, and Host of the Time to Practice Podcast.

Ashley Rescot created a colorful universe inhabited by endearing characters that all musicians can identify with. Her descriptive abilities bring us fully into the story, allowing us to experience the characters' emotions. This enticing story of the Pearson sisters is a fun adventure in the life of blooming young musicians. I wish that book had been around when I was a young violinist, going through similar emotions

-Dr. Ren e-Paule Gauthier

Violinist, Host for the Mind Over Finger podcast, and director of the Music Mastery Experience

Step into the world of a musical family, with all of the accompanying pressures, delights, and challenging decisions in Ashley Rescot's vivid new release, A Change in Tune. Whether music is your world or you, like me, aren't a musician, you'll find yourself caught up in Victoria's story, rooting for her through her victories and failures as she navigates her role as the oldest sister, discovers love, and determines her place in the musical community. A Seasoned musician, member of a large family, and woman of faith, Ashley taps into her vast experience and bright imagination to create relatable, realistic characters in an enjoyable story that takes an honest look at mental health. I have hope for an entire series featuring each of the unique Pearson sisters

-Heather Wood

Historical Author of Until We All Find Home, and Until We All Run Free

A Change in Tune, Ashley Rescot capitalizes on multiple artistic talents to offer listeners and readers a lyrical, well-paced, and entertaining story that showcases a broad cast of sympathetic and relatable characters. As an accomplished musician, Ashley knows the tension and pressure this world brings and writes and speaks from a place of authenticity.

-Mary A. Felkins

Author of inspirational books, including Call to Love and What the Morning Brings

Violinist Victoria Pearson dreams of attending Johann Conservatory of Music in New York City for graduate school. As the oldest of five sisters, she hopes to escape her Midwestern college town and hectic family situation to fulfill her passion in life-music. But when she decides to participate in Belton University's Concerto competition to bolster her chances of acceptance, Victoria finds herself competing against her sister Adrienne and lifelong cellist friend Jerry Chang. This sets in motion a rivalry that questions the roles of sisterhood, friendship, and maybe love.

Victoria wants to maintain the rigors required of a professional classical musician without losing her family and friends, not to mention her sanity, in the process. The demands of her large family might hinder her ability to achieve her dreams. What sacrifices will she make to reach her goals, and are they worth the cost?

A new, twenty-first-century generation of little women takes the stage in A Change in Tune.

Ashley Rescot is a professional violinist, educator, writer, and Fulbright Scholar. An aficionado of music, pedagogy, family, faith, and language, she writes about her life as a musician. With degrees in both music and literature, she hopes her stories will inspire the next generation of musicians, encourage music professionals, and educate others about the exciting world of music. Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance, Master of Arts in French Literature

ISBN: 9781736604458

ISBN-10: 9781736604458

Publisher: Rescot Creative

Publication Date: 09/04/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 09/04/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 240

Language: English


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