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Timeline Science and Technology: A Visual History of Our World

Timeline Science and Technology: A Visual History of Our World cover

Timeline Science and Technology: A Visual History of Our World

By  Peter Goes , Illustrated By  Peter Goes
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A big visual introduction to the world's greatest inventions, discoveries and technologies for children, young and old.

Travel through time with this remarkably illustrated 80-page journey of our planet and society's most fascinating technologies, from the first tools to the creation of YouTube and beyond.

The extraordinary illustrator Peter Goes, in his signature playful style, takes us effortlessly across the timeline of the world's scientific and technological histories, past medical breakthroughs, remarkable scientists and innovators, from the Stone Age to the present day.

With a mixture of facts, figures, infographics and fun illustrations, each colorful detailed double-page scene covers a period in history, showing key inventions and discoveries in all parts of the world. The perfect combination of STEAM elements for school aged readers.

Every page includes talking points for young children and a chance for older children and adults to put their own tech knowledge to the test.

An accessible and fascinating timeline of science and technology, for every age.

"Gigantic, propulsive, lavishly drawn and smartly annotated"--The New York Times

Peter Goes lives in Belgium, where he works as a freelance illustrator. He has studied animation at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) and his other books include Timeline: A Visual History of Our World and Rivers.

Praise for Timeline Science & Technology
Gigantic, propulsive, lavishly drawn and smartly annotated global timeline of science and technology...Filled with hidden details and subtle wit--The New York Times

"5 STARS. Brilliantly portrayed in striking colors and spaced out in a graphic fashion that forces the eye to roam over the page and target in on specific figures and facts that pique the imagination...Belgian illustrator, Peter Goes, has produced an amazing pictorial assemblage of historical happenings from civilization's beginning up to the present time...The stunning colorful format with the intriguing figures illustrating illuminating events in the history of our world is a book that will capture the interest of young readers and enrapture mature viewers as they reminisce through these historical images.."--San Francisco Book Review

ISBN: 9781776573004

ISBN-10: 9781776573004

Publisher: Gecko Press

Publication Date: 10/06/2020 - 12:00am

On Sale: 10/06/2020 - 12:00am

Pages: 80

Language: English


Technology - Inventions

Science & Nature - Discoveries

Biography & Autobiography - Science & Technology