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Fate's Keep

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She will die trying to return to him.

He will sell his soul to be with her.

Fate escaped the deadly fairy tale world of the Book of Fables, but at a terrible cost. Finn remains a prisoner of the cursed book. Or so she thinks, because Finn was freed and is searching for her. As far as Fate knows, her only way back to him is through a gateway within the mysterious Keep-an ancient storehouse of magical objects too powerful for ordinary realms.

But when Fate reaches the Keep she discovers the truth of her heritage and the blood oath she must take as Keep Guardian. Even though her heart is sworn to saving Finn above all else, the oath demands a battle against unimaginable creatures of myth threatening to destroy the Keep. With her plans gone horribly awry, Fate's only chance for salvation lies in a series of desperate quests through a maze of dangerous portals. Each of which may hold the key to reuniting with Finn, or lead to the destruction of everything she loves. Will Fate find the strength to face the sinister forces poised to claim her world?

This epic fantasy sequel to, Fate's Fables, promises to leave readers breathless with heart-pounding action, richly imagined worlds, and a slow-burning romance that strains the bonds of love to the breaking point. Perfect for readers of Margaret Rogerson, Garth Nix and Philip Reeve

ISBN: 9781777147204

ISBN-10: 9781777147204

Publisher: Original Mix Media Inc

Publication Date: 03/31/2020 - 12:00am

On Sale: 03/31/2020 - 12:00am

Pages: 460

Language: English


Coming of Age


Legends, Myths, Fables - General