Kicking the Diet Mindset: The Ultimate Guide to Stop Binge Eating and Start Eating Intuitively

Kicking the Diet Mindset: The Ultimate Guide to Stop Binge Eating and Start Eating Intuitively cover

Kicking the Diet Mindset: The Ultimate Guide to Stop Binge Eating and Start Eating Intuitively

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If you've tried every diet there is, yet you still haven't achieved your health goals, then keep reading...

Over 50% of women are on a diet at any given time, according to Livestrong, but studies show that diets don't actually lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for most people.

Researchers at UCLA found that at least two thirds of people who go on a diet regain more weight than they originally lost within four or five years. This fluctuation in weight increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

One of the primary reasons why people regain weight is because it is so hard to stick to a diet. Diets often mean restrictive rules that require you to avoid certain types of food and certain times for eating.

If you are one among the constant dieters who keep failing to sustain any progress in their weight loss goals, don't give up just yet.

A proven method exists that doesn't require you to deprive or punish yourself with the sole purpose of fitting into an old pair of jeans.

Intuitive eating is a simple concept that encourages eating based on physical cues of hunger and stopping when you are satisfied--and that's it.

Understanding the principles of intuitive eating is easy, especially if you have an easy-to-follow handbook to refer to. In Kicking the Diet Mindset, you will discover:

  • How to prevent overeating by knowing the difference between actual hunger versus boredom
  • The healthy activities you can do instead of reflexively turning to food every chance you get
  • How family traditions from your childhood may have negatively affected your current eating habits, and how to break free from these unhealthy patterns
  • The 5 easy steps to follow to make lasting changes to your lifestyle and finally reach your weight loss and health goals
  • The dangers of binge eating and how dieting can trigger this harmful disorder
  • Why intuitive eating leads to improved psychological health and self-esteem, increasing the possibility of sticking to healthy habits
  • How you can eat exactly what you want without feeling guilty or ashamed

And much more.

This is not another diet that you will have to suffer through--this is a lifestyle change your body will thank you for.

Because intuitive eating helps you become more finely attuned to your body's needs, food becomes a tool for nourishment, not a ritual that you revolve your life around. You feed your body when you need to, and give it room to digest when you're full.

By giving yourself the freedom to eat all varieties of food, you'll also be able to fully enjoy social gatherings and holidays without fearing the number of calories you're consuming or if a dish is too high in carbs.

Prioritize your health today and start listening to your body rather than the harmful dieting beliefs buzzing throughout the media.

Afterall, only you know your body best.

If you are tired of counting calories and depriving yourself, but still want to implement a healthy lifestyle, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.

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