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Axel and Rémy: Pandemic adventures in the Mandela effect

Axel and Rémy: Pandemic adventures in the Mandela effect cover

Axel and Rémy: Pandemic adventures in the Mandela effect

By  Raymond Samuels , Illustrated By  Santhosh Christudas
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Have manipulative aliens replaced reality with some kind of simulation since 2012? Is the COVID-19 pandemic a product of apparent collaboration between such demonic entities and elites? Are elites in fact demonic entities masquerading as 'humans'.

Is the "Earth" that you and I now experience some sort of computer generated copy of the real Earth which we have been abducted from, in order for a collection of demonic entities to perform experiments in their efforts to concoct a "New World Order" from an artificial timeline of their own making?

In Ax l & Remy, Raymond Samuels uses humour to challenge readers to explore what many describe as the "Mandela Effect" which could very well be the greatest conspiracy ever which far surpasses already well-known conspiracies associated with the UFO and alien phenomena.

The "Mandela Effect" has nothing to do with a "collective forgetfulness" as disinformation agents in this apparent simulation like to claim as part of a gaslighting strategy. Rather, people who experience the Mandela Effect remember the 'real Earth' before they were plopped into this artificial world which appears to be run by demonic entities and largely populated by apparent cloned beings along with human-looking avatars. Such beings have no recollection of the real Earth because they have, in fact, been apparently generated by the archontic controllers part of this fake environment.

ISBN: 9781778380075

ISBN-10: 9781778380075

Publisher: Agora Cosmopolitan

Publication Date: 08/24/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 08/14/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 28

Language: English



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