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Old Ireland in Colour

Old Ireland in Colour cover

Old Ireland in Colour

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THE PHENOMENAL IRISH #1 BESTSELLER AND AWARD-WINNING OLD IRELAND IN COLOUR Old Ireland in Colour celebrates the rich history of Ireland and the Irish through the colour restoration of stunning images of all walks of Irish life, and the Irish abroad, throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. From the chaos of the Civil War to the simple beauty of the islands, each image has been exquisitely transformed and every page is bursting with life. Using a combination of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and his own historical research, John Breslin has meticulously colourised these pictures with breathtaking attention to detail and authenticity. With over 170 photographs from all four provinces, and accompanied by fascinating captions by historian Sarah-Anne Buckley, Old Ireland in Colour revitalises scenes we thought we knew, and brings our past back to life before our eyes.

Sarah-Anne Buckley is a lecturer in History at NUI Galway and President of the Women's History Association of Ireland. She has published two monographs, four edited volumes, and numerous articles. She is co-founder of the Irish Centre for the Histories of Labour and Class and Senior Research Fellow in the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre. John Breslin is a Professor at NUI Galway, where he has taught engineering, computer science, and entrepreneurship over a twenty-year period. He has written over 200 publications and co-authored two books. He is co-founder of boards.ie, adverts.ie, and the PorterShed.

ISBN: 9781785373701

ISBN-10: 9781785373701

Publisher: Merrion Press

Publication Date: 06/11/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 04/26/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 330

Language: English


Photography / Subjects & Themes / Historical

History / Europe / Ireland