Ducati Bevel Twins 1971 to 1986: Authenticity & restoration guide (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual)

Ducati Bevel Twins 1971 to 1986: Authenticity & restoration guide (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual) cover

Ducati Bevel Twins 1971 to 1986: Authenticity & restoration guide (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual)

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Production of Ducati Bevel Twins spanned 15 years, and nowadays a restored bike with original parts will be worth about double the value of one with the wrong parts/detailing. There have been so many variations over the years that most people have no idea what is correct for a particular model. A would-be buyer's first  question is always, "How authentic is the bike?" not whether it is beautifully restored. Ducati Bevel Twins 1971 to 1986 is a comprehensive guide to authenticity.

The content includes colour codes, stripe widths, decal placement, etc. The practical chapters are by necessity broad. For instance, there were five fork types, more than five shock absorber types (many not rebuildable), more than five brake types and ten different frame types. These practical chapters cover little tricks in assembly and offer general advice rather than a detailed workshop manual-type description.

Ian Falloon has more than 20 bevel twin restorations to his name and more than forty years of experience with Ducati motorcycles, he was fortunate enough to to enjoy a close association with the factory and the engineers during the period these bikes were manufactured, providing him with an invaluable insight into their development.

Ian Falloon was born in New Zealand and studied engineering and music at Victoria University, Wellington. After a motorcycle accident brought an end to his career as a symphony orchestra oboist, he began writing articles about motorcycles for magazines including Classic Bike, Cycle World, Motorcyclist, Two Wheels, Motorcycle Sport, and Australian Motorcycle News. His first book, The Ducati Story, has run to several editions and has been published in three languages. The success of The Ducati Story led to a series of Ducati books and histories of Honda, Kawasaki, BMW, and Moto Guzzi motorcycles including Motorbooks titles The Complete Book of Ducati, The Complete Book of Moto Guzzi, The Complete Book of Triumph Motorcycles, and The Art of Ducati. With an interest and passion spanning decades, Ian now concentrates on collecting and restoring older Italian motorcycles, particularly Ducati, MV Agusta, Laverda, and Moto Guzzi. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is ably supported in his projects by his family.

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