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Vegan Cakes: Dreamy Cakes & Decadent Desserts

Vegan Cakes: Dreamy Cakes & Decadent Desserts cover

Vegan Cakes: Dreamy Cakes & Decadent Desserts

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Indulgent and show-stopping, Vegan Cakes is the place where traditional baking rules are thrown out of the window, proving that you don't need dairy and eggs to create baking wonders.

From a Pink Vanilla Dream Cake and Sherry Berry Trifle, to Rose and Ginger Cheesecake and Black Sesame Banana Bread, this book is for the new vegan on the block. The vegan who wants to eat cake, indulge, feast and feel GOOD about it.

With delectable step-by-step recipes and enticing photos, along with guidance on vegan icing and decorations, this is the foolproof baking guide to creating decadent treats for every occasion.

Sarah Hardy is a food stylist specializing in baking. She studied sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art and after graduating applied her sculpting skills to creating beautiful cakes. She runs a vegan cake business called Hebe Konditori, as well as working as a baker and menu developer for a number of London bakeries and brands.

ISBN: 9781787135192

ISBN-10: 9781787135192

Publisher: Quadrille Publishing

Publication Date: 08/18/2020 - 12:00am

On Sale: 08/18/2020 - 12:00am

Pages: 160

Language: English


Cooking / Vegan

Cooking / Courses & Dishes / Cakes

Cooking / Methods / Baking

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