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Untangling you: How can I be grateful when I feel so resentful?

Untangling you: How can I be grateful when I feel so resentful? cover

Untangling you: How can I be grateful when I feel so resentful?

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A practical guide to untangling difficult relationships, letting go of resentment and ultimately leading a happier life.

No doubt you have experienced everyday resentment in your life: a sibling who appeared to be favoured by your parents; a partner who leaves you for another person; a neighbour who won't deal with their barking dog; a workmate who is promoted ahead of you ... the list goes on and on.

These everyday resentments can keep simmering away, robbing us of joy and wreaking havoc on our health, relationships and workplaces. But no matter how hard we try to let it go and be the 'bigger person', sometimes it's impossible to express gratitude toward someone who has wronged us.

Thousands of clinical studies have demonstrated the positive benefits of gratitude to our physical, emotional and social wellbeing, but according to award-winning gratitude educator Dr Kerry Howells, it's only when we experience the discomfort of not being able to find gratitude that a path opens for real growth and transformation.

Based on 25 years of ground-breaking research, Untangling You is the first book of its kind to discuss gratitude in terms of its conceptual opposite: resentment. Using practical strategies, tools and insights, this life-changing book will show you how to start to repair difficult relationships, improve your wellbeing, grow your resilience, and ultimately move from resentment towards deep gratitude to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

Untangling You will help you on this journey, whether you are a leader, coach, parent, teacher, people manager, mentor, health professional, or just someone who wants to grow their character and self-efficacy.

ISBN: 9781922611086

ISBN-10: 9781922611086

Publisher: Major Street Publishing

Publication Date: 09/24/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 09/24/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 208

Language: English



Personal Growth - General