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I Am Awesome!: A Healthy Workbook for Kids

I Am Awesome!: A Healthy Workbook for Kids cover

I Am Awesome!: A Healthy Workbook for Kids

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"...A well-crafted resource for youngsters and anyone else interested in personal self-improvement..." --KIRKUS REVIEW

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"I Am Awesome A Healthy Workbook for Kids" was written with the needs of our youth in mind. It was written for both boys and girls, especially the tweens (ages 8-12) and early teens (13-14). The author wrote with the intention of helping this age group develop positive self-esteem. Kids have many physical and psychological changes to deal with while going through puberty, plus they are trying to cope with pressure from family, friends, teachers, coaches, and society in general, to act a certain way, often with mixed messages. This informative and motivating book will help the owner work through several of those challenges.

This workbook can be used alone, in an educational or counseling setting, or can be used by a parent or guardian to help a child. Each of the six chapters of the workbook addresses one of the Six Types of Maturity:

Personal - gaining self-knowledge and self-esteem by trying to work on feeling better about oneself and one's potential.

Emotional - becoming aware of and able to understand and control one's feelings and thoughts; developing a positive outlook on life.

Physical - taking good care of oneself as the body grows and develops, especially in terms of a healthy diet, adequate exercise, getting enough sleep, having good hygiene, and staying safe.

Social - Making and keeping friends; improving communication skills; being at ease with a variety of people.

Intellectual - Understanding the importance of learning about the world around us; gaining knowledge about one's interests; expanding one's creative mind.

Ethical - Developing a sense of right and wrong; deciding how to be perceived; becoming a responsible citizen.

Book also contains an Appendix of Fun Things to Do & Good Things to Know.

ISBN: 9781937333065

ISBN-10: 9781937333065

Publisher: First Steps Publishing

Publication Date: 11/30/2016 - 12:00am

On Sale: 11/30/2016 - 12:00am

Pages: 200

Language: English


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