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Fractals: On the Edge of Chaos

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Fractals: On the Edge of Chaos

$ 7.95

What are fractals? Why are they such fun? How do you make one? Why is a dripping tap not as random as it seems? What is chaos? Is the Mandelbrot Set really the most complex object in mathematics? In this beautifully illustrated book, fractal-hunter Oliver Linton takes us on a fascinating journey into the mathematics of fractals and chaos, diving into many kinds of self- similar structures to reveal some of the most recently discovered and intriguing patterns in science and nature. WOODEN BOOKS US EDITIONS. Small books, BIG ideas. Tiny but packed with information. "Stunning NEW YORK TIMES. Fascinating FINANCIAL TIMES. Beautiful LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS. Rich and Artful THE LANCET. Genuinely mind-expanding FORTEAN TIMES. Excellent NEW SCIENTIST.

ISBN: 9781952178023

ISBN-10: 9781952178023

Publisher: Wooden Books

Publication Date: 09/15/2024 - 12:00am

On Sale: 09/15/2024 - 12:00am

Pages: 64

Language: English


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