Graphis Poster Annual 2024

Graphis Poster Annual 2024 cover

Graphis Poster Annual 2024

Created by  B. Martin Pedersen
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Annual celebration of award-winning global talents from the Graphis Poster Awards.

The power of a poster lies in its profound influence on our culture, encapsulating themes, ideas, and movements within a single frame. Graphis Poster 2024 offers a stunning homage to the most talented international poster designers, showcasing a spectacular array of works that blend artistic prowess and impactful messaging.

Graphis Poster 2024 takes you on an enriching journey through diverse regional influences and examples of creative excellence. It delves into a wide variety of themes, spanning concerts, environmental and social issues, cinema, theater, arts, dance, exhibitions, and much more, all distilled into powerful and captivating poster designs.

Whether you're a designer, art director, illustrator, design firm or advertising agency, professor, student, or simply an aficionado of the fine art of poster design, Graphis Poster 2024 is an invaluable addition to any collection.

B. Martin Pedersen, CEO, Publisher, Designer, and Editorial Director at Graphis, is distinguished within the design industry for his sophisticated and enduring design sensibilities. Under his leadership, Graphis organizes highly reputable international juried award competitions spanning the areas of Design, Advertising, Photography, Illustration, and New Talent. These competitions serve to discover, acknowledge and promote exceptional talent globally. Moreover, Mr. Pedersen is renowned for producing some of the highest-quality books in the design industry. His contributions to the field have been recognized extensively with high-profile honors and awards. Among these are numerous commendations from the AIGA, Art Directors Club, and Type Directors Club. He has been conferred the inaugural Herb Lubalin Award for Excellence in Editorial Design by the Society of Publication Designers, the National Magazine Award for the Best Designed Magazine of the Year by Columbia University, and the AIGA Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Design. Furthermore, Mr. Pedersen has had the distinction of being inducted into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame. He also holds the status of a member in the prestigious Alliance Graphique International (AGI). B. Martin Pedersen's portfolio and work represent a remarkable testament to his profound impact on the design industry.

ISBN: 9781954632233

ISBN-10: 9781954632233

Publisher: Graphis Inc.

Publication Date: 11/07/2023 - 12:00am

On Sale: 10/10/2023 - 12:00am

Pages: 240

Language: English



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