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The Family Soul

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The Family Soul

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The ART of Creating a Happy Family

A Family Soul is something that everyone knows about, but no one has ever named ... until now It's the invisible bond that holds a family together, in happy times and in harder ones. It is a living energy, with its own cycles, dynamics, and needs.

For most families, the Family Soul develops almost accidentally, over time-but it doesn't need to evolve by default. This book will show you how to create your Family Soul purposefully, with intention and love, using ingredients that inspire you and your family members. More, it provides a practical plan of action to grow, shape, and nourish your own happy Family Soul-today, tomorrow, and in all the years to come

Born in 1963 to a big, buzzing family, Eveline Jurry, creator of the JurryMethod(TM) and the Positive Separation Method(TM), has been intrigued by family life since childhood. After becoming a mother of three (and later joining up with her partner, John, to create a blended family of nine), she whole- heartedly dove into the work that would become The Family Soul. Based in Amsterdam and Southern Italy, she is a mentor to a diverse group of families worldwide. Learn more at

ISBN: 9781955811071

ISBN-10: 9781955811071

Publisher: Worldchangers Media

Publication Date: 12/10/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 12/10/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 298

Language: English


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