Protecting America's Students At School

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Protecting America's Students At School

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Dr. Clarence Johnson has been a career educator for the past 47 years. In his book, Protecting America's Students at School, he offers a plan for educators, parents, and community leaders to implement as a main focus on safety during the initial stages of goal setting. Dr. Johnson's background as a successful Director of Safe and Secure Schools in Aldine Independent School District, a large urban Texas school district, for 11 years gives trustworthiness to his recommendations on school safety. The organization and framework of his book, Protecting America's Students at School, is based on his career started as a mathematics middle school classroom teacher in 1965 and lasted for ten years; a high school counselor for two years; a middle school assistant principal for one year; a high school assistant principal for 9 years; a high school principal for 14 years; a director of safe and secure schools for 11 years; a researcher in mathematics achievement of African American students for four years as a doctoral student; and concluding with a dissertation on success of African American students on high-stakes tests in mathematics; leading to a PhD in educational leadership. As Safe and Secure Schools Director for 11 years, he provided leadership that elevated his school district of 60,000 students and 8,000 employees to the #1 rating in fire safety practices in Harris County, Houston, Texas. The fire marshal rated all county schools in his school district with "no violations" during the official fire safety inspections for two consecutive years at the end of his tenure. Johnson believes, "The best and highest rating in safety is only possible when hard work is applied correctly and in a timely manner." You can read about his dedication, safety practices, and recommendations in Protecting America's Students at School.

ISBN: 9781977218513

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Publication Date: 09/17/2019 - 12:00am

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Educational Policy & Reform - School Safety