Evolve: The Path to Trauma-Informed Leadership

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Evolve: The Path to Trauma-Informed Leadership

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Let's be honest: leadership is broken.

Evolve: The Path to Trauma-Informed Leadership is an invitation to examine our relationship with work and our experienced trauma as humans, both personal and collective, to create a new paradigm.

The events of the past few years, including COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, environmental instability, and economic uncertainty have led to profound societal shifts. We are rethinking our priorities and beliefs, and importantly, how we exist in relation to others.

Radical change has occurred both at home and at work, which requires us to lead in new, more authentic and vulnerable ways. More human ways.

Carolyn Swora is no stranger to trauma. As a young wife and mother, she supported her husband through his journey with terminal cancer, while also climbing the corporate ladder and coming to grips with her own turbulent childhood. Through self-reflection and her subsequent research, Carolyn has created a guide to help us examine ourselves and our leadership styles in order to evolve the workplace.

In Evolve, Carolyn Swora debunks the idea that being a trauma-informed leader means becoming a trauma therapist. Carolyn provides an accessible primer on a difficult but important topic that will, at the very least, reframe your definition of trauma, and at the best, inspire your leadership practice to even deeper levels." -Glain Roberts-McCabe

Carolyn Swora is a two-time author on books about leadership. She holds a master's degree in industrial and organizational psychology is a Personal Resilience Practitioner, Certified Cultural Transformation Practitioner, Accredited Enneagram Practitioner and certified Dare to Lead(TM) facilitator. In her work as a culture and leadership consultant, Carolyn works with companies and individuals to drive positive change. She lives in Canada with her second husband and sons.

ISBN: 9781998754199

ISBN-10: 9781998754199

Publisher: Ygtmama Inc.

Publication Date: 04/25/2023 - 12:00am

On Sale: 04/25/2023 - 12:00am

Pages: 236

Language: English


Organizational Behavior

Management Science

Self-Management - Stress Management