Developing People: 35 Years of Stories, Headaches & Insights

Developing People: 35 Years of Stories, Headaches & Insights cover

Developing People: 35 Years of Stories, Headaches & Insights

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In this book, Arnauld shares his 35-year journey in Human Resources Development projects implemented across 14 countries, including 12 in the Asia-Pacific region.

During his career, he has enjoyed doing a large number of projects for international organizations (UNESCO, Asian Development Bank, The World Bank, International Labour Organization), cooperation agencies from various countries (France, Germany, Switzerland, UK), Non Governmental Organizations and companies of all sizes and sectors.

In the 19 chapters of this book split in three parts, Arnauld invites readers to join him on a reflective journey, exploring the implementation of learning and development programs in companies from managerial to worker levels and the strengthening of national vocational education and training systems in Asian countries.

  • The first part explores key principles of efficient learning processes providing insights into their application in various contexts.
  • The second part delves into a diverse range of people development projects undertaken for both governments and corporate entities.
  • The third part is a personal reflection on skills and competencies needed for a successful implementation of these human resource development projects.

The 20th chapter concludes the book with the synthesis of the main learnings extracted from the previous 19 chapters.

Arnauld draws from his own experiences and shares successes, difficulties, challenges, and questions - some with answers and some without.

Blending storytelling, HRD theories, and concise analysis, each chapter includes key concepts that highlight the power of experiential learning.

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