Get Impressed!: The Revival of Letterpress and Handmade Type

Get Impressed!: The Revival of Letterpress and Handmade Type cover

Get Impressed!: The Revival of Letterpress and Handmade Type

Editor  Wang Shaoqiang
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An in-depth overview on the world of letterpress: history, examples, designers and everything there is to know about the renewed interest by graphic design in movable types and typography.

Today letterpress is in revival and widely used by graphic design in books, posters, bespoke stationery like invitations, name cards, letterheads and so on. Letterpress and typography designers like Alan Kitching or Jes's Morentin crave out their names in the computer-generated design world with beautiful-composed types. This book introduces the history and the process of letterpress printing and includes a list of classic movable types arranged in style order. The volume also includes letterpress designers, artists, type foundries, institutions, or even museums from all over the world, each with an elaborated biography and exclusive interviews with the most relevant professionals in this area. It will prove to be a handbook for type designers, letterpress designers, type lovers, design students and ordinary readers who enjoy crafts and prints. Letterpress is a Chinese invention from the 10th century consisting in movable types and later adopted in the western hemisphere about 1440, forever changed the face of communication and the speed in which information could be passed along from person to person.

ISBN: 9788417656379

ISBN-10: 9788417656379

Publisher: Hoaki

Publication Date: 11/09/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 01/10/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 240

Language: English


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