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My Icon Library: Build & Expand Your Own Visual Vocabulary

My Icon Library: Build & Expand Your Own Visual Vocabulary cover

My Icon Library: Build & Expand Your Own Visual Vocabulary

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The concepts are grouped into categories that regularly crop up at the workshops: 'finance', 'technology', 'innovation', 'agile' and 'sales', as well as broader themes such as 'team dynamics', 'way-of-working', 'politics' and 'the world we live in'. This is not a definitive list: every story is different and has its own blend of icons and visuals.

My Icon Library is a source of inspiration and a go-to reference for whenever you need a visual that's a tad too complicated for your imagination or a Google Images search. It also works as a great companion to author's other bestselling books: Visual Thinking and Visual Doing.

Willemien Brand has channeled her passion for drawing and design into her life's work. After graduating with distinction from the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven, she became an award-winning industrial designer. In the late '90s she launched Buro BRAND, a Visual Communication agency harnessing the inventive energy of a team of visionaries who share her passion. Together, they shape ways of visualising and simplifying complex processes, strategies and information.

The longer Willemien and her team worked in the field, the clearer it became to them that drawing and Visual Thinking are powerful tools that strengthen employee engagement and build bridges between businesses and their customers. Now she and her team from Buro BRAND share this philosophy and passion with companies around the world, inspiring and enabling them to embrace the power of visual communication.

It's a two-way street for Willemien: "Every day I'm able to help other people unleash their creativity and use it to achieve better results in their work gives me joy and renews my passion for drawing."

ISBN: 9789063696054

ISBN-10: 9789063696054

Publisher: BIS Publishers

Publication Date: 08/03/2021 - 12:00am

On Sale: 08/03/2021 - 12:00am

Pages: 224

Language: English


Business & Economics / Business Communication / Meetings & Presentations

Self-help / Creativity

Art / Techniques / Drawing