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That's Why I Married You: How to Love with Personality Differences

That's Why I Married You: How to Love with Personality Differences cover

That's Why I Married You: How to Love with Personality Differences

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That's Why I Married You is a practical handbook for couples to not only learn to live with their personality differences but to actually LOVE with their differences.

Fact is--we're naturally attracted to someone who possesses significant differences (amidst various similarities). These differences hold a tremendous power of connection and vibrancy- if we can use them correctly. Without the proper emotional tools and the right mindset, however, these very differences can create a disconnect or even wreak havoc in a marriage.

When a couple finally opens their eyes to the power hidden within their personality differences, they often find themselves saying, OH...that's why I married you It is truly exciting to discover the many ways each spouse 'completes each other', as a result of their personality differences.

That's Why I Married You is packed with essential information, practical exercises, tips and charts. Through the real-life narratives of successful couples who share how they make their personality differences work, the reader will find inspiration and guidance.

This book is written for a wide range of people: From people in good marriages who want to learn to cash in on their personality differences...all the way to people struggling to figure out how to make their marriage work. Marriage is a journey well worth making; That's Why I Married You is the qualified manual for a successful journey.

ISBN: 9789652298287

ISBN-10: 9789652298287

Publisher: Gefen Books

Publication Date: 03/15/2016 - 12:00am

On Sale: 03/15/2016 - 12:00am

Pages: 150

Language: English


Marriage & Long Term Relationships

Love & Romance