The Road to Ndawo

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The Road to Ndawo

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The only thing that is clear to Marcus as he sets out for India is that he is being called and has been called to the path since his early childhood.

The Road to Ndawo is the fourth book in the series, 'Songs of Warriors, Chants of Freedom', and is compiled of a series of stories drawn on the author's life, including the mystic visions that propel him on his quest for truth and freedom.

It is not only the story of his journey into the unknown in meetings with various masters but is the story of his relationship with a woman, Bia, to whom he appears karmically tied over the span of many lifetimes, beginning with their meeting in Khasi in ancient India.

The Road to Ndawo will challenge many pre-conceptions of what is normally accepted by science yet increasingly embraced by the fringes of that same discipline as it delves into the deepest mysteries that we, as humans, may face - about life and death, about love and re-incarnation and the deepest of realisations.

As such, this book includes the third, fourth and fifth incarnations of the series.

ISBN: 9789895328673

ISBN-10: 9789895328673

Publisher: Alan MacDonald Nicolson

Publication Date: 02/01/2022 - 12:00am

On Sale: 02/01/2022 - 12:00am

Pages: 290

Language: English