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REV: REV Warriors Series Book 1

REV: REV Warriors Series Book 1 cover

REV: REV Warriors Series Book 1

$ 19.99

Internationally bestselling science fiction author T. R. Harris introduces his exciting new military/space opera series about the future of space warfare . . . and the destiny of mankind. Every kid wanted to be a REV, but very few ever would. Zac Murphy was the most-badass REV warrior in the Corps. He'd gone on more Runs and killed more aliens than any single Human alive. He'd been one of the early volunteers for the NT-4 Program, which used a powerful performance-enhancing drug to turn ordinary Marines into super killing machines. Affectionately called REV, the drug wasn't for everyone. Few made it through the screening process, and fewer still into the Fleet. Zac was the most-senior REV alive, a miracle of science and a legend in the Corps. His job was to be the battering ram for the Marines, the first in while revved up on NT-4. During a Run he was a mindless killing machine, dangerous to both foe and friend alike. That's why his fellow Marines gave him a wide berth until he could be put down by the Twilight drug. At that point he was somewhat manageable. But something was happening to Zac. Long after most other REVs were dead, burned out or retired, Zac was growing stronger, more powerful. He was also doing what no REV had ever done before during a Run. He was beginning to think.

ISBN: 9798200413805

ISBN-10: 9798200413805

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Publication Date: 07/18/2018 - 12:00am

On Sale: 03/01/2021 - 12:00am

Language: English


Science Fiction - Genetic Engineering

Science Fiction - Military

Science Fiction - Alien Contact