The Dreaming Path: Indigenous Ideas to Help Us Change the World

The Dreaming Path: Indigenous Ideas to Help Us Change the World cover

The Dreaming Path: Indigenous Ideas to Help Us Change the World

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Drawing on ancient Aboriginal wisdom, a leading Indigenous Australian healer and an Elder show you how to find contentment, purpose, and healing by learning to reconnect with your story--and ultimately the universe.

Dr. Paul Callaghan belongs to the land of the Worimi people who live north of Sydney along the east coast of Australia. Raised to live the western way, Paul found himself mired in deep depression--struggling to find meaning while raising a family and working as a senior education executive. Desperate to break free of his restlessness, he made a drastic change: He "went bush" and connected with his elders to "walk Country" and learn Aboriginal traditions. Twenty years later, Paul is an expert healer and spiritual guide eager to share the wisdom of his ancestors and the insights he discovered on his life journey.

In this affirming, empowering, and transformative book, he teaches you about the Dreaming Path--a connection to the earth and the universe, past, present, and future that has always been there, but can be difficult to find amid the chaos of the modern world.

The Dreaming Path offers tips, practices, inspiration, and motivation that can enable you to achieve a profound state of mind, body, and spirit wellness, while encouraging you to think deeply about essential life topics, including:

Caring for our place and the importance of storyRelationships, sharing, and unityLove, gratitude, and humilityLearning and living your truthInspiration and resilienceBeing present and healing from the pastContentmentLeading

The Dreaming Path reminds us that we are our stories; by learning to recognize that we are all an indelible part of something much larger, we can begin to heal ourselves and our communities.

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