A Happy Boy

Color your very own version of A Happy Boy by Bj rnstjerne Bj rnson Enhance a beloved classic book and create a work of art

As one of the masters of Norwegian fiction, Bj rnstjerne Bj rnson received the Nobel Prize in literature. The short novel A Happy Boy tells the story of Oyvind, a perpetually jolly boy who rises above his family's material poverty.

Although Oyvind's life is full of struggles, he remains optimistic and cheerful. His selflessness and generosity inspires those around him to find joy and hope in their own lives. His presence brings true joy and contentment to many people.

As a part of art therapy, it has become widely recognized that coloring is an effective way to find inner balance and escape from hectic everyday life. Find your inner peace and balance while coloring beautiful complex shapes. Create an original design of one of your favorite classics

Key Features:

♥ Beautiful fantasy interior designs to color or paint on the first page of each chapter

♥ Front and back covers can be colored with multi-surface paint pens and/or markers

♥ Coloring supports relaxation and stress reduction and resembles soothing meditation

♥ Designed to bring some sunshine to your life, but also help you affect positive change

♥ A nice sized format (6" x 9") to carry, color and read

Interested? Then look inside the book and convince yourself of our unique concept.

**Multi-surface paint pens and/or markers are recommended for coloring the cover (matte material). You can use watercolor paint or color pencils for coloring the interior pages.

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