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Abortion, Activism, & Reproductive Justice

Abortion, Activism, & Reproductive Justice

The end of Roe v. Wade and the removal of Americans’ constitutional right to legal abortion brings widespread concern and despair — and an urgent need for action. Our booksellers created this thoughtful collection of titles to inspire and empower us to respond with the most effective activism possible.

Explore books like The End of Roe v. Wade and How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics to learn the historical and political context of this conservative Supreme Court’s opinion and how it fits into the attempt to control gendered and racialized bodies. Read The Turnaway StudyI Know What’s Best for YouChoice Words, or any of the powerful stories here to understand the often silenced experiences of people in need of abortions, and books like Mothercoin and Birthing Black Mothers to grasp the social and economic dimensions of how our culture treats women and mothers.

Most important, pick up books like Handbook for a Post-Roe America, Radical Reproductive Justice and Direct Action to learn how to channel your knowledge, compassion and rage into work for change.