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Disability Pride

Disability Pride

July is Disability Pride Month!

Boston is credited with holding the first Disability Pride events 32 years ago, days after the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law on July 26, 1990. (Though Disability Pride Month was not officially recognized in the United States until 2004.) Disability Pride Month celebrates and uplifts the skills, wisdom, cultures, and strengths of disabled people.

The vital and meaningful contributions made by disabled people from all backgrounds, identities, races and ethnicities benefit all of us. This month recognizes the resilience of disabled folks existing in societies that systemically fail them, honoring the fights and victories of leaders in the disability rights movement, and uplifting the intrinsic worth of a people who have the right to take up space.

While we celebrate disability pride with this seasonal display in July, we hope to strengthen our communal attention to the disability rights movement all year. May these books serve to deepen and sharpen our commitment to disability rights going forward.