Staff Picks - 20% Off!

Staff Picks - 20% Off!

Feast your eyes on our rotating collection of staff picks! These books are 20% off at checkout as long as they're part of the staff picks collection - both in the store and on this page. Read on to find out why our staff members love these books, our favorites across all genres and categories. We hope you enjoy taking a chance on something new!

Atticus is a 2,000-year-old druid who just wants to run his occult shop in peace. But then the Irish gods who would very much like to kill him track him down, and he's drawn back into Pantheon Drama. With the help of his talking wolfhound, vampire lawyer, and the gods on his side he has to find a way to... well, not die. This whole series is hilarious. - Recommended by Abby

First published in 1970, Fadeout is the first book in an extensive series following Dave Brandstetter, a WWII vet and detective for a life insurance company specializing in Death Claims.  One of the first books in the Noir Mystery genre (think Dashiel Hammett and Raymond Chandler) featuring a gay protagonist.  This groundbreaking mystery series follows Brandstetter through the turbulence of the 70's and the AIDS crisis in the 80's, all the way up to 1991 with the conclusion of the series.  If you like hardboiled mystery novels, read this series.  You won't regret it!


A really interesting look at some of the villains in our history.  Though the authors do go to great pains to examine whether the historical figure they are writing about is truly a villain or closer to a victim of circumstance in the period in which they lived.  Sharply written, surprisingly funny and very well researched.  An important read for anyone interested in the queer experience throughout history. - Recommended by Adam

If you ever wanted Desperate Housewives to be about a London hen (bachelorette) party or for Sex and the City to be about serial killing, look no further. I picked this book up on a whim and was rewarded with a wonderful time. This is exactly what you need for the beach, the bathtub, or your next train trip--something loud, fun, pacy and over-the-top, with a series of murders that gives you plenty of suspects. - Recommended by Alex

Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London series delightfully embraces both procedural detective fiction and urban fantasy, dredging up magic, gods, and murder victims from the city streets. An average cop with no prospects meets a ghost, and then he joins a now two-man team of cops with MAGIC. With a twisting, sprinting plot, great ideas, occasional gore and a likable fellow in the lead, this is a strong series starter for lovers of both genres (or either). - Recommended by Alex

She's serious and clever. He's utterly smitten and knows how to push her buttons. What's not to love? - Recommended by Amy

Lonely Girl Becomes Obsessed With Glamourous Witchy Family.
Have you ever been reading a book and just felt a sense of creeping unease build as the story went on until you're absolutely sure there's something VERY wrong? - Recommended by Amy

The adventurous story of Lyra, who discovers who she is and goes on a quest to save her father and discover the nature of DUST. - Recommended by Barry

For the fans of dark academia and fantasy I humbly present this gorgeous Gothic novel. Ava Reid creates the most atmospheric, slow burn, enemies to lovers story that you will just absolutely devour. The writing is stunning and you will feel enchanted and haunted until long after the last page. Please imagine me aggressively shaking this book at you since I professionally cannot do that in real life. It made me feel unwell in the best way. - Recommended by Diana

This beautifully written novel follows two young girls in rural France and their obsessive friendship. Agnes' life revolves around her easily-bored and impulsive best friend, Fabienne. Agnes fears that in the struggle to hold Fabienne's attention and keep up with her wild games, their insular world will be lost. Psychological, intimate, and at times heartbreaking, this novel drew me in from the first page. - Recommended by Ellen