Brookline for Peace in Palestine & Israel: Past, Present, & Where We Go from Here

Brookline for Peace in Palestine & Israel: Past, Present, & Where We Go from Here

Saturday, March 02, 2024 - 5:00PM ET to 7:00PM ET
Event address: 
Florida Ruffin Ridley School
245 Harvard St
Brookline, MA 02446-2908

Brookline for Peace in Palestine & Israel: Past, Present, and Where We Go From Here


Many in Brookline have direct or emotional ties to Israel and Palestine and have thus been deeply affected by the attacks of October 7th and the subsequent bombardment of Gaza. The current round of violence has polarized the country, leaving many feeling overwhelmed and fearful to ask questions and/or learn more. We invite you to join us for a panel discussion on the decades-old conflict — the past, current state, and how we can envision a peaceful future. Panelists will include authors and academics. Our hope is that we come together as a community in this event to learn and move towards understanding, appreciating our shared humanity, and advocating for peace and justice for everyone.

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**Event will be recorded

Our Panelists:

Omer Bartov is the Samuel Pisar Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Brown University. He is currently writing a book tentatively titled The Broken Promise: A Personal-Political History of Israel and Palestine, which is dedicated to investigating the first generation of Jews and Palestinians in Israel, a generation to which he also belongs. His novel, The Butterfly and the Axe, was published in 2023 in the United States and Israel.

Linda Dittmar is Professor Emerita at the University of Massachusetts Boston, where she taught literature and film. She is the author of Tracing Homelands: Israel, Palestine, and the Claims of Belonging.

Leila Farsakh is Professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is the editor of Rethinking Statehood in Palestine: Self-Determination and Decolonization Beyond Partition, and author of Palestinian Labor Migration to Israel: Labour, Land and Occupation, as well as the co-editor of The Arab-Jewish Questions: Geographies of Engagement in Palestine and Beyond. In 2001 Professor Farsakh won the Peace and Justice Award from the Cambridge Peace Commission, in Cambridge-Massachusetts.

Dotan Greenvald is an Associate at the Center for Jewish Studies (CJS) at Harvard University and co-founder of Breaking the Silence. He holds a joint Ph.D. in Hebrew and Judaic Studies and History from New York University.

Abood Okal is a translational medicine research director in the pharmaceutical industry. He and his family were trapped in Gaza for 27 days before returning home to Massachusetts in early November.


About Brookine Peace Coalition

The Brookline Peace Coalition is a grassroots movement created during the Israel-Hamas war to advocate for a ceasefire, return of hostages, and a peaceful end to the longstanding Palestinian-Israeli conflict