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Cambridge Forum: David DeSteno

Cambridge Forum: David DeSteno

Tuesday, September 07, 2021 - 05:00PM ET
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Brookline Booksmith is pleased to be the official bookseller for this Cambridge Forum event!

Psychologist David DeSteno’s latest book How God Works reveals some fascinating findings. Science shows that by taking part in certain religious practices and rituals, regardless of faith – or lack thereof – we improve our emotional and physical wellbeing. At a time when people are desperately searching for purpose and meaning, this discussion on Tuesday, September 7 at 5 pm promises to be a stimulating and worthwhile event.

Signed copies of the book will be available at Brookline Booksmith after its release on 9/14. Cambridge Forum says: "Remember to support your independent bookstores!"

Consider that: 

  • Prayers of gratitude make people more honest and generous, creating a cycle of paying it forward.
  • Buddhist meditation reduces hostility and increases compassion
  • The Jewish practice of sitting shiva reduces the pain of grief
  • The Christian ritual of saying grace before meals increases empathy
  • Shinto rituals around childbirth enhance bonding for mothers and reduce the incidence of postpartum depression

David DeSteno is a psychologist at Northeastern University where he studies the mind’s foundation for moral behavior.