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GBH News Forum: How to Bridge the Partisan Divide

GBH News Forum: How to Bridge the Partisan Divide

Monday, October 19, 2020 - 07:00PM ET
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This News Forum is brought to you in partnership with WGBH News and Forum Network.

Join us virtually for the next GBH News Forum. This time we’re looking at political polarization and divisions in the United States. As the November election approaches, we want to take a look at partisanship and disunion in the country. How divided are we? What is the psychology that drives these divisions? And how can we begin to heal from divisive polarization? In this discussion we’ll examine the role of media and perception in polarization, the history of partisanship, and what we can do to move forward to bridge the divide.

Our panel of experts joining this discussion include:

• Shanto Iyengar, professor of political science and director of the Political Communication Laboratory, Stanford University
• Yphtach Lelkes, assistant professor of communication at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania
• Joanne Levine, executive producer, CQ Roll Call
• Laura Colarusso, digital managing editor of GBH News, will moderate the discussion

This GBH event connects you to reporters, tools, information, and experts to help you navigate coverage of the 2020 election season. After the formal presentation we will leave time for audience questions and follow-up with resources on the topic of polarization. We hope you will tune in and join us for this important event.

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WGBH will be using Zoom Webinar for this event. Zoom is free to the public but will require a computer download. You can download Zoom here. If you already have Zoom, you will not need to download the platform again.