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Lara Ehrlich and Amy Shearn

Lara Ehrlich and Amy Shearn

Thursday, September 10, 2020 - 7:00PM ET
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Animal Wife -- A girl born with feathers undertakes a quest for the mother who abandoned her. An indecisive woman drinks Foresight, only to become stymied by the futures branching before her. A girl acts on her desire for a childhood friend as a monster draws closer to the shore. A widow invites a bear to hibernate in her den. These are the stories of Lara Ehrlich's collection, stories of women reaching across the threshhold of the permitted and the mundane into something new and strange

Unseen City -- How do lost souls find one another? It's a question Meg Rhys doesn't think she's asking. Meg is a self-identified spinster librarian, satisfied with living with her cat, stacks of books, and her dead sister's ghost in her New York City apartment. Then she becomes obsessed with an intriguing library patron and the haunted house he's trying to research. What follows is an exploration of what home is, how we live with loss, who belongs in the city and to whom the city belongs, and the possibilities and power of love.

Lara Ehrlich's stories are published in many forums. She is the winner of a 2019 IHAF In-House Creativity Award and numerous Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) awards for her feature writing. She has received scholarships from the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing, the Midwest Writers Workshop, and the Garret on the Green. She earned her BA from Boston University and her MA from the University of Chicago.

Amy Shearn is the author of the novels The Mermaid of Brooklyn and How Far Is the Ocean From Here. Her third novel, Unseen City, is forthcoming from Red Hen Press in 2020. She has an MFA from the University of Minnesota, and currently lives in Brooklyn. You can find her at or @amyshearn.