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Monica Brady-Myerov: Listen Wise

Monica Brady-Myerov: Listen Wise

Monday, April 26, 2021 - 07:00PM ET
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Monica Brady-Myerov discusses her new book, Listen Wise: Teach Students to Be Better Listeners.

Listen Wise

In Listen Wise: Teach Students to Be Better Listeners, journalist, entrepreneur, and author Monica Brady-Myerov delivers a concise and thoughtful treatment of how to build powerful listening skills in K-12 students. You'll discover real-world examples and modern, research-based advice about helping young people improve their listening abilities and their overall academic performance. With personal anecdotes from the accomplished author and accessible excerpts from the latest neuroscience of listening and auditory learning, the book is a critical resource that will explain why listening is the missing piece of the literacy puzzle.

Monica Brady-Myerov is a 25-year veteran public radio journalist, and is the founder and CEO of Listenwise, a listening skills company. Monica Brady-Myerov is a content area specialist in audio and its use in the classroom and an expert in podcasting, fact-based reporting and narrative storytelling.