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Picture Book Hour: Carter Higgins and Daniel Miyares

Picture Book Hour: Carter Higgins and Daniel Miyares

Wednesday, April 13, 2022 - 4:00PM ET
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Join us for a reading of Big and Small and In-Between with picture book author Carter Higgins and illustrator Daniel Miyares, followed by an art demonstration and Q&A!

About Author Carter Higgins, Illustrator Daniel Miyares & the Book!

You Are (Not) Small meets The Quiet Book in this beautiful compilation of all the little things that make up our big world.

This wide, wonderful world contains many things. Some things are as big as a family of bears; some are as small as a reflection in a puddle. Some things are felt rather than seen.

In between it all is . . . you. What kinds of things will you collect?

This lovely, lyrical book collects the world by size. Divided into three chapters with three specially paper-engineered separations, every page encapsulates one precious moment that perfectly represents both a size and an experience. Beloved author Carter Higgins’s poignant, poetic text and Daniel Miyares’s incandescent illustrations capture a whole new way of seeing the world in this beautiful meditation on what it means to be a kid—and what it means to be a human.

Carter Higgins is the author of many books for kids and the illustrator of one! She is an Emmy-winning visual effects and motion graphics artist and spent a decade as an elementary school librarian. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @carterhiggins. She lives in Las Vegas.

Daniel Miyares is a critically acclaimed picture book author and illustrator. His books include Float, Night OutThat is My Dream!, and Bring Me A Rock! He believes that our stories have the power to connect us all. Daniel's story currently takes place in Lenexa, Kansas, with his wife, their two wonderful children, and a dog named Violet who gives them all a run for their money.